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Wild research and planting trees in the south of The Netherlands

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Latest Projects

Wild research and planting trees in the south of The Netherlands

At the beginning of 2021, we started a study to gain insight into the population size of badgers and foxes, in the south of the Netherlands. The exact numbers of our observations of badgers and foxes are counted, and recorded in a database. During this study, we have also observed martens, wild boar, and deer, appearing in large numbers, in front of our game cameras. This study has also been...


Birdmarket Antwerp

As one of the last countries in Europe, Belgium still allows pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, poultry and exotic birds to be sold on the market. Therefore, Faunawatch Specialists have conducted research into the welfare of animals at the Antwerp Bird Market (Vogelenmarkt) based on the 5 freedoms, on which the European Union law for improving animal welfare is based. These 5 freedoms are as follows: Animals are...


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We use the power of education and research to save endangered species.

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Protecting wildlife and solving human-wildlife conflicts together with Faunawatch is very important for our communities.

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