About us

Faunawatch is committed to the wellbeing of animals and the protection of animals through education, activities and actions. The organization was founded on August 12, 2012 by Tim & Ivi Huijsmans.

The characteristics of Faunawatch are as following:

  • Protect endangered animals
  • Educate young people to become beekeepers to provide an income for their family and the community. Local carpenters build the beehives. Sewers stitch the protective clothing.
  • Research wildlife and implement activities to conserve and strengthen local wildlife populations.
  • Engage and attract as many young people as possible within our organization.
  • Both locally and internationally active.
  • Flat organization, resulting in almost no bureaucracy and fast action.
  • Exclusively work with volunteers. Take a look at our volunteer job offers!
  • Independent. We don’t accept any questionable donations.