Protecting biodiversity is more important than ever. Many different animal species are threatened with extinction. This is a problematic not just for these animal species, but for all animal species, for nature, for the environment and for humans. Because all life on this planet is connected through the ecosystem. Faunawatch is committed to protect these unique animal species. We do this by fixing the problem at its core. More research is needed into the importance of the animal species, understanding how they are connected to each other and how we can best protect them. The monitoring of populations has an central role in this. We are doing this with advanced technologies, working with wildlife cameras and AI models. These models help us with detecting animals on photos, identifying animal species, tracking down poachers and monitoring (illegal) fishing.

We also want to share all this knowledge about the importance of the animal species for our planet and humans. The more we learn from these animal species, the more clear it becomes that they are crucial to the sustainability of the ecosystem and therefore of human kind. Living in harmony with the animal species on our planet is an important investment in our future. In order to share this knowledge, we focus on education, particularly on the youth.

Our focus is on the prevention of animal suffering as well and finding solutions for the effect of invasive animal species.

We work exclusively with specialised volunteers, so that all funds can be used directly for the projects and we have in-house knowledge and experience. Volunteers can learn a lot from each other, become more experienced and use the volunteering as an internship. Do you want to use your knowledge and skills for the protection of unique animal species? Click here and see how you can help us!