About us

Faunawatch is committed to the wellbeing of animals and the protection of animals through education, activities and actions. The organisation was founded on August 12, 2012 by Tim & Ivi Huijsmans.

Faunawatch characterises itself by means of the following 6 aspects:

  1. We aim to protect endangered animal species, from small to large, from the bee to the elephant.
  2. We are active locally as well as internationally.
  3. We also wish to include as many young people as possible, which is reflected in our board members.
  4. We have a flat organisation, meaning there is no bureaucracy which means we can take action quickly.
  5. We take into account that animals and humans have to share the world, meaning we aim to provide alternative living environments for animals and alternative sources of income for people who are negatively affected by the protection of animals leading to loss of income.
  6. We are an independent organisation and do not accept dubious gifts.