World Animal Day

For the last three weeks I have been cat sitting my friend’s cat in Amsterdam. The cat never left the house and would sometimes climb into the walls from fear. A nice petting was not in place, because before I would know it, she had sunk her teeth deep in my hand.

I do not blame the poor thing, because who wants to be locked inside for their whole life?! The experience made me question the concept of owning a pet; what is the purpose? Why do people have pets? I assume it is to have some company. However, I find it quite egoistical to have a pet solemnly for your happiness.

Growing up, I was surrounded by cats, but they did go outside, just like we did. We lived in a small village and there was always something to do outside; climbing a tree, jumping a river, or playing ‘ding dong ditch someone’. We had an amazing time and as far as I could judge, so did the cats. People and animals should not be locked down inside, but should be in nature.

World Animal Day

In 1929 World Animal Day was called into existence on October fourth. A day that reminds us about the welfare issues of animals. However, our opinions on animal welfare are very diverse and strongly coloured by our cultures.

Last year, while I was travelling, I witnessed in horror how badly some animals were treated. As long as children are not taught how to treat animals, there will not be a change in how animals are treated in these countries.

Bad and good news

Unfortunately, there is more than enough bad news regarding animals, and in order to find some good news, you have to work really hard. Despite that, I am aware of the countless pet owners that would almost give their life for their beloved pet.

In addition, I have witnessed many initiatives that provide animals in foreign countries with an opportunity for a better life. Those initiatives really make me happy!

Another thing that really lifts my spirits, and that I would like to share here, is the fact that the European Union has banned the sale of make-up products that have been tested on animals. That is amazing news so close to our international World Animal Day.

What can you do?

World animal day is a great moment to stop and realize what you can do to minimize animal suffering. There are many possibilities, such as buying animal friendly products, or consuming less or even no animal products, or purchasing your items from reliable sources.

Other options that you can consider are: to not get a pet if you do not have space or time, to opt for animal friendly choices when travelling, to boycott animal exploitation, to plant flowers in your garden or on your balcony in order to support our little friend, the bee and so on.

You can contribute to a better world for animals every day, which also means a better world for us.

Remember your power and enjoy your World Animal Day!