Tikkie campaign: help the chimpanzees and elephants in Uganda

For more information go to our project page: Protect Uganda’s elephants and chimpanzees

I Uganda we could use your help! With our project we try to contribute to wildlife and to the communities in Uganda. A small donation can help us realize our project. Donate now via the tikkies below and help people and animals in Uganda!

With your donation of €5 we can buy a lesson book about wildlife and climate for primary school children in Uganda. Donate here: https://tikkie.me/pay/1874kitc0cmm22lkqimd

With your donation of €10 we can buy a tree that contributes to reforestation. Donate here: https://tikkie.me/pay/c8fhk3ljgav8ovtklt8c

With your donation of €25 we can buy protective beekeeping clothing so that beekeepers can work safely with their bees. Donate here: https://tikkie.me/pay/e1hpjbtu1djpthcf4ojk

With your donation of €75 we can buy cameras for in the rainforest (wildlife cameras), which contribute to wildlife research. Donate here: https://tikkie.me/pay/6fig45jc5c5u8qihe19q

Thank you!