Animals belong in the wild, not in a circus

In circuses there are about 30 different kinds of animals: elephants, tigers, apes, etc. These animals are often not treated properly. In addition, they do not live in natural conditions. Because of this, the animals will show unnatural behavior and their quality of life is too low.

The treatment of circus animals

To get animals to do what the circus people wish, the will of the animal is systematically broken. Breaking the will is done in the following manner:

  • To train elephants, barbs are used which pierce deep into the skin.
  • If animals have to sit for whichever reason, they are violently forced with chains and pulleys.
  • With mauls, mammals are hit in the knee cavities to force them to lie down.
  • The animals are also treated with electro shocks.
  • The withholding of food and water.

Stress for the animals

Circusdieren (2) verkleindThe circus animals are exposed to a lot of stress and lose touch with reality. They show a lot of emotions, like fear for example. They pull out their own hair, keep walking the same circle, scratch themselves and swing back and forth. This behavior is related to extremely nervous behavior of humans that have been locked up for long periods of time in isolation cells and have not had regular social contacts.

What you can do

It’s very important that you do not visit circuses in which they use animals.

Every animal has the right to a free live in nature!