Orangutan threatened with extinction

The orangutan is an endangered species. The demands of his natural habitat are very specific. That is why it is important not to impair the natural habitat of this great ape – nature should be left to its own devices. Unfortunately this is not the case when in practice and due to logging and hunting, the orangutan is currently threatened with extinction.

Logging leads to a decrease in the density of the orangutan

Logging has several consequences:

  • One of their most important food sources is diminished.
  • They have to travel larger distances, resulting in shorter feeding periods which means they cannot rest as often or as long.
  • The water supply and drainage of the area is heavily disturbed
  • The ground is being exposed to temperature and climate changes, which has an especially negative impact on nature.
  • By burning whole areas to generate farmland, a lot of the fires become uncontrollable, which means that more forest disappears than was intended.
  • The trees that are on the edges of burned areas die due to heat, radiation and accelerated drought of the earth.
  • The toxic smog which is released during the forest fires is extremely dangerous for the health of the orangutans and humans.
  • Felling trees creates a lot of noise. The local orangutans often don’t flee. They try to remain where they are. Because of this, a lot of orangutans that stay are crushed by falling trees.
  • The physical health of the great apes is affected. They become more sensitive to diseases and infections and have a larger chance of becoming the prey of different animals.

orang oetan 4

Orangutan hunting

The orangutan is not always killed by falling trees. The woodcutters in many cases chase the surviving orangutans that do not die straight away; they are then beaten to death. This is most often done with adult orangutans. These are then used for food. Natives often consider orangutans a delicacy. Often it is the older tribes that hunt the orangutans.

The young orangutans are taken alive and used for entertainment or sold as pets.

Fleeing orangutans usually do not make it

If the orangutans flee, they end up in the habitat of other orangutans. This often means that suddenly there are multiple dominant males in one area. This leads to serious injuries that could be deadly. Another consequence is that with so many refugees, there is a lack of food, resulting in a lot of animals being exposed to starvation.

The solution is better legislation

These wrongs can be prevented in a simple manner. The wood felling companies could ban such treatment of orangutans and put a penalty on such behavior. Also, the laborers should obviously also be provided with a diet that contains plenty of proteins.

Orangutans shall be free in their own natural habitat!