Provide better living conditions for chickens!

Faunawatch believes that together we have to ensure a better quality of life for chickens. It doesn’t reflect well on our society when we breed living beings just like us, under cruel circumstance for their meat. Broiler chickens are especially subjected to this.

Difference between broiler chickens and organic chickens

Broiler chickens, intended for their meat, are grown unnaturally fast to speed up the meat production, which is just one of the many difference compared to organic chickens.

  • Broiler chickens are slaughtered within 6 weeks.
  • Organic chickens are only slaughtered after 3 months.
  • Broiler chickens weigh about 2350 grams when they are slaughtered.
  • Organic chickens weigh about 930 grams after 6 weeks.

Naturally, we do not wish to bankrupt chicken breeders, however, who works with animals, is responsible for their living conditions.

The life of a broiler chicken

  • Breeders only come around after a few days to be sure that all chicks are hatched. Meanwhile, the chicks that were born the first would have spent many days without water and feed, leading to many dead chicks.chicken
  • The animals are then put into extremely small cages in massive numbers.
  • Chicks should be ‘ready’ for slaughter within 6 weeks. Since a chicken normally does not grow so quickly, their bodies cannot keep up. In 50% of cases, the chicks’ legs cannot support their bodies and their legs break.
  • During these 6 weeks, they live in their own manure, which causes painful burn wounds.
  • After that, they are brought to the slaughterhouse. During the transport, they break many bones and endure much bruising, resulting in even more pain.

What you can do

It helps to have vegetarian meals every now and then. Nowadays, this is pretty easy, as there are many vegetarian options available in supermarkets. You can also tell others what broiler chickens endure.

Give chickens an animal-friendly life!

On 23 March 2015, we presented a petition with 12.514 signatures to the Dutch State Secretary of Infrastructure and the Environment and Infrastructure to stop the breeding of broiler chickens.