Quit ostrich rides

Currently, Faunawatch is engaged behind the scenes in the project “Quit Ostrich Rides”. We are astonished by the number of travel companies that still offer ostrich rides while it is commonly known that these animals are not fit for this purpose.

During our research on the topic, we encountered individuals that indicated that ostriches seemed happy while being ridden. To clarify: as mounting an ostrich is an unnatural action, the animal gets stressed. As such, the open beak is not a sign of happiness but rather one of fear, aggression or hyperventilation. Allowing an animal to suffer for the purpose of a holiday snap, is simply unacceptable.

Therefore, we give all respective organisations until 27 June 2019 to cease these activities. If this request is ignored, we shall inform the media that the organisations in question contribute to the suffering of animals.

It is worth mentioning that ostriches are not the only animals suffering as a consequence of ‘tourism’. The primary victims are elephants. Elephants are put through the most horrific events behind the scenes and are thus both physically and emotionally not suitable for rides.

We would like to call not only on travel companies but also on tourists to quit paying for animal cruelty but rather to devote themselves, with us, to animal welfare.