Rescue for turtles

When walking along a pond, you can see them regularly: the red-eared slider turtle. These turtles do not belong here in Dutch nature. In 2016, the trade in these animal species was made illegal because it was a big threat to the population in Mexico and America. In the Netherlands (and also in other countries of course), these animals were often bought on impulse, but they can become up to 25 years of age. The result has been that many people released them into nature.

But these turtles are a threat for our local animal species. For they eat, amongst other things, amphibians and fish.

A solution for this problem is starting a shelter. A shelter where the turtles can be cared for properly for the rest of their lives. Faunawatch is working at the moment on creating such a shelter. In this way, both the turtles and local biodiversity will be protected.