Wildlife protection project Ghana

Ghana is home to many wonderful animal species. Unfortunately, many of those species are endangered with extinction. The chimpanzee population, for instance, consists of a mere 200-300 individuals. This population has been diminished because people hunt chimps for meat and keep them as pets. For every chimp that is kept as a pet, an average of 10 chimps are killed to obtain said pet.

The forest elephant population is also under pressure. In 2010 only 60 to 70 individuals were spotted in Ghana’s national parks. The elephants are key species in maintaining the rainforest. Some trees are only able to grow after their seeds have been ingested by elephants.

The chimpanzee and forest elephants are two of many endangered species. The most illegally poached animal in the world is the pangolin. Pangolins are beautiful scaly anteaters. Other species that also face life threats are parrots. For instance, only 1% of the original grey parrot population is currently alive. And unfortunately, the list goes on. Action is clearly needed!

Faunawatch will, therefore, research the actual population numbers in the Ankasa National Park of Ghana. Based on the results of the research on population size and health, Faunawatch will develop a plan to protect the animals living in Ankasa National Park. We will also educate local communities on the importance of animal species and we will introduce alternative livelihood opportunities, such as beekeeping, to provide an income instead of hunting.

To achieve this, we need your help. Please donate one of the products listed in the adjacent column or give any other amount to ensure protection of these magnificent and important animals.

Our projects are not limited to protecting animal species, as can be seen from a mail that we received in August 2019 from Josephine Frantzen, head of department for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in West-Africa. The email included the following text: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Accra would like to express their appreciation for Faunawatch. The achieved results indicate that Faunawatch actively and successfully cooperates with the population of Ghana as well as the agricultural and educational sector.”

Help our research project

Even you can help with our research project in Ghana! Your summer vacation or internship can be used to assist us with researching. Faunawatch offers affordable volunteer opportunities. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy Ghana, to assist with the research, to marvel at Ghana’s wildlife, and to constructively help protect these wonderful species. If you would like to know more, please email info@faunawatch.org.

Are you looking for a unique internship opportunity? Our wildlife project in Ghana is the perfect fit for you!

  • You will map various wildlife species’ population size.
  • You will go into the forest with local guides.
  • You will gain unique experience in an African country
  • You will learn tons and it will be a great addition to you Resume.
  • The duration of the internship can be adjusted to your schedule.
  • Overall, an internship without worries: Faunawatch takes care of everything!

Project Partners

Faunawatch likes to thank our partners without whom we would never been able to undertake this project. We thank you for your amazing support.