Lesson plans, wildlife research and beekeeping project in Uganda

We had 5 apiaries made in Kammengo (54 km southwest of the capital Kampala) and at the moment bee populations are being grown in Kampala as well. We have provided our Ugandan representative Assumpta with protective clothing and other supplies for beekeeping and made sure she could follow a workshop on beekeeping.

We have developed 6 lesson plans about bees, elephants and chimpanzees and also about climate, possibilities to improve the climate and practical lessons in which waste is being collected and subsequently made into art. The lessons are received very well. The teacher has also gone into the wild with the children to look at the changes resulting from clime change. At the moment, 234 primary school students have followed the lessons in Kammengo and 237 high school students in the Kalungu district (123 km southwest of Kampala). We will continue with the schools to further promote beekeeping.

Since May we have a permit to do wildlife research in Mpanga forest (ecocamp 42 km southwest of Kampala) for the duration of 6 months. We have installed our cameras there. We are eager to see the results.