Top 100 Young People

Our president Tim Huijsmans is elected as a part of the Top 100 young people of the Netherlands. This is a list of the 100 young people which were able to make a difference in 2018.

Sowing and planting with school

On April 12, Faunawatch planted 830 flower bulbs close to 3 bee hotels, along with 6 volunteers, 52 students, and 2 teachers.

Tim and Ivi Huijsmans receive a 'ribbon for youth'

On April 26, 2018, the first ‘ribbon for youth’ was presented to Tim and Ivi Huijsmans by the mayor.

National seed planting day

On national seed planting day, April 22, Faunawatch planted organic, bee-friendly, flower seeds close to bee hotels in 6 village centers.

Faunawatch part of "Sustainable Tuesday"

Secretary of State of the Ministry of infrastructure and environmental issues, had received a suitcase with sustainable initiatives from several foundations including Faunawatch, on “sustainable Tuesday.”

Sustainable youth

President Tim Huijsmans is part of the top 100 sustainable youth (age category up to and including 32).

Invited by the Governor

Faunawatch was on May 11, represented among the 150 guests at Governor Bovens of Limburg in honor of the 150-year anniversary of the province. Faunawatch had exceeded and was therefore invited.

Faunawatch winner of the 2017 Green Ribbon!

Faunawatch accepted the 2017 Green Ribbon from Liesbeth van Tongeren, member of the Dutch House of Representatives. The jury cited the following reasons for this victory:

  • Faunawatch’s themes have a local as well as an international compound;
  • Faunawatch has collaborations with several other animal, conservation and environmental organisations;
  • Faunawatch emphasises on cooperation with schools and other youth groups;
  • Faunawatch’s projects possess plenty of potential for the future;
  • Faunawatch has a strong publicity element.

Computer games animal welfare

Faunawatch developed computer games on animal welfare in cooperation with the Graphic Academy in Utrecht and the Intermediate  Vocational College Utrecht.

Huffington Post

Faunawatch gave its 100th interview to the American online news aggregator and blog The Huffington Post. Accounting for almost 16 million daily readers, it’s outstanding that our work has come to the attention of the public in the United States of America as well.

Blue shark in Croatia

Thanks to research carried out by Faunawatch, the Ministry of Environment and Nature Conservation of Croatia, has confiscated a protected blue shark from a private company. Currently, this ministry is working on the implementation of inspections of similar practices.

Confiscated protected blue shark

Freek Vonk

Meeting with biologist and TV-personality Freek Vonk at Naturalis.

Wietse van der Werf

Meeting with Wietse van der Werf, founder and chairman of Wildlife Air Service and The Black Fish and winner of the Future for Nature Award 2016.

Conversation with Paul Watson

Conversation with Paul Watson. He is the co-founder of Greenpeace and founder and chairman of Sea Shepherd.

Hedgehog shelter

In cooperation with the Animal Ambulance, Faunawatch has established the first hedgehog shelter in Limburg.

Beekeeper project Ghana

Faunawatch has trained 66 students and 25 teachers in Ghana as beekeepers. We have also provided these schools with hives, protective clothing and corresponding material worth more than €7.000,-

Bee hotels

In the light of our bee conservation project, we have placed a total of 67 bee hotels in several municipalities.

Jane Goodall

Meeting with the British primatologist, Jane Goodall. She is UN Messenger of Peace and one of 10 most influential women in the world. She became famous thanks to her study on chimpanzees.

Minister Ploumen

We have spoken to Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation regarding our Dutch bee conservation project and our beekeeper project for schools in Ghana. We have also offered her a bee hotel.

Petition for bees

We have collected over 4.000 petitions to convince municipalities that bees are important and that they need our help and protection. We have presented these signatures to the mayors and aldermen of the municipality in which we reside.

Bee conservation school project

In cooperation with the Centre of Environmental Education (CMNE), we have provided 140 schools in Limburg with bee hotels and performed the official opening of the project.

Living conditions chickens

We have gathered over 12.500 signatures in order to improve the living conditions of chickens and offered this petition to state secretary Dijksma.

Sustainability Ambassadors

Certificate and medal received by the municipality of Meerssen, whilst Tim and Ivi Huijsmans were also appointed Sustainability Ambassadors.

Do-gooders of the year

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has elected Tim and Ivi Huijsmans Do-gooders of the year.

House of Representatives

Certificate received by the Dutch House of Representatives for our commitment to animal welfare.


Certificate received by the AAP Foundation for collecting thousands of empty cartridges and old mobile phones, enabling this foundation to acquire a substantial amount of money thanks to our recycling efforts.

Faunawatch was founded